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Windshield wipers: expert car cleaning Perth company suggests how you can make them last longer

Windshield wipers are one the most ignored objects of your car. You don’t bother about maintaining them and changing them unless they stop serving their purpose. Damaged wipers will not clean off the windshield properly. They will not remove the water and will make driving difficult for you, especially during rainfall and snowfall. Getting them repaired is not always possible and replacing them is an expensive option.  If you don’t want to bear the cost of a new set of wiper any time soon, you must stop ignoring them and start caring for them. The car cleaning Perth experts at Ants Auto Detailing suggest some helpful and effective tips for prolonging the life of your windshield wipers.

Do not use wipers on a dry windshield

This is one of the biggest mistakes that car owners make. We at Ants Auto Detailing, a leading car detailing Perth agency, have come across hundreds of vehicles whose windshields got scratched because the car owners repeated used wipers even when it was dry. When the windshield is dry, the wipers will move over it with a heavy friction and will not be able to bear the abrasion. They are designed to move on smooth surfaces, i.e. on wet windshield. Water minimizes the friction thereby, minimizing the damage caused to them. Push the washer button to wet the windshield before turning on the wipers.

Do not use wipers when the windshield has debris on it

Are you into the habit of getting into the car and pushing the wiper button to clean the windshield? Be aware; you could be inviting a major expense. Debris such as dry leaves, twigs, etc. can get caught between the wiper blades. If you don’t remove them, they will get dragged on your windshield thereby, scratching it badly along with damaging the rubber of the wipers. Always have some clean cloths handy in your vehicle and make sure you clean the windshield and remove the debris before you start driving, especially when you have parked your vehicle in an open place such as under a tree. This is much easier and economical than changing the wiper blades frequently.

Make sure you clean the wipers whenever you clean your car

They get as dirty as your car’s body and therefore, require a thorough cleaning. Accumulation of dirt makes your wipers less effective and can even damage the blade. Car cleaning Perth professionals therefore, strongly recommend people to clean their wipers every time they clean their vehicles. If you are taking your vehicle to a professional car cleaner, you may request him to thoroughly clean them and clean the dirt built-up.

Try not to park your car under direct sunlight

This is easier said than done but that harsh sunlight is too dangerous for your car’s paint as well as for its wipers. If parked under the sunlight for a long time, the rubber of the wiper blades will dry out and will start cracking. This will make them less effective and will require a replacement.

Finally, if your car’s wipers have got damaged, never replace them with cheaper alternatives. They will neither last long nor will be effective. We hope these tips will help prolong the life of your wipers. For more such helpful information, keep reading our blog.

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