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Car detailing Perth expert shares some helpful tips for keeping your car clean when you have kids

Does your car look like a semi-full skip-bin having lots of mess inside? Is it no more the clean, tidy, and fresh means of transportation it used to be when you first drove it from the showroom? Are your car seat pockets full of candy wrappers and food packets that stink badly?

Trust us; you are not the only one who is facing such a problem. Managing the cleanliness and hygiene of your car is certainly difficult with your children, especially if they are too young to understand the significance of keeping your vehicle clean. They can pee, they can vomit, and they can drop the food they are eating inside your car. You cannot stop them but you should not also ignore your vehicle. Our car detailing Perth experts therefore, thought of sharing this wonderful guide that will help you keep your car clean and hygienic even when you have kids travelling with you.

Teach the significance of having a clean car to your kids

This works. Let your kids make as much mess as they can. When you reach home, take your vacuum cleaner out, clean off the wrappers, wipe the sticky handprints from the window screens, and ask your kids to throw away the tissues and wipes. Clean the inside thoroughly and then, show the car to them. Explain them how good your car is looking. When they can actually see a difference, they are more likely to participate actively in keeping your vehicle clean. Next time, when you take them for a drive, ask them to limit their mess. Set strict rules and ask them to stick to them. Our car detailing Perth experts suggest that you should let their mommy take the responsibility of teaching them to obey the rules.

Keep a lot of disposables handy

No matter how long or short your journey is, make sure you have stocked enough of hand towels, paper towels, disposable glasses, disposable plastic containers, etc.. This will help you clean up the mess and dispose the litter much easily. Don’t store the mess inside the car. Stop near a bin and throw garbage as soon as possible. Litter can smell foul and can affect the health of your young ones. Also, when your kids see you making all efforts to keep your car clean, they will also love to participate in your acts.

Keep cleanup supplies handy

A bottle of water should always be accessible in your car. This will help you clean up the spills immediately before they dry up and leave stains on your car seats. Also, keep some baby wipes handy so that you can clean your child’s hands before he touches the car window panes and seats with his messy hands. Wipes are very useful for minimizing the cleanup work.

Avoid making your child eating inside

Our car detailing Perth experts have found that food is the biggest factor that spoils the inside of your car. The stains, the wrappers, the droplets of juices, etc. are all responsible for making your car unhygienic. Feed your child before you leave home and, if possible, carry some other forms of entertainment instead of wafers, chips, and juices. Carry their games and you would be able to minimize the mess that they can create.

Kids are messy and even after taking all necessary precautions; you would not be able to control them. You must therefore, regularly get your vehicle cleaned professionally by a car detailing Perth expert like us. To book your services, contact us at 0417 920 546.