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July 11, 2016
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Perth car detailing experts suggest how you can avoid your vehicle from stinking

No matter how thoroughly you clean your car, if it stinks, sitting inside it will be very uncomfortable. The car fresheners available in the supermarkets can help you mask the smell but not always and not completely. If your car smells like a dead animal, you must get it cleaned by a Perth car detailing professional like us. Only a trained professional would be able to remove odour of smoke, pets, shopping bags, sweat, food, etc. Apart from professional cleaning, you must also keep your car clean and hygienic in order to make it smell fresh. Here are some helpful tips that will help you:

  • Do not smoke in your vehicle. Cigarette smoke is one of the major reasons why you vehicle stink badly. If you want to smoke, step out of your car or keep the windows open.
  • If your vehicle smells as if something is rotting inside, check out the pockets and see if there are food packets and wrappers left inside. Make it a point to clean your car every day and remove food packets, wrappers, and other things that rot.
  • Always keep towels or tissue paper handy in your vehicle so that you can soak up the spills immediately. Spills are a major reason why your vehicle stinks badly. Spillages can cause moulding and will make your vehicle unhygienic. It can become a breeding ground for disease causing microorganisms and can cause various respiratory and health problems. If you think your seats have got moulds, call up an expert Perth car detailing agency like us to get them treated as soon as possible.
  • If you are travelling with pets, ensure that they don’t litter inside.
  • While cleaning your car, make sure you clean the back or the trunk as well. This is one of the most ignored portions of the vehicle and if not cleaned at regular interval, it may start stinking.
  • If you are travelling with small babies, keep their milk bottles closed tightly. In case milk leaks out, soak it up immediately. Have lots of towels and tissue paper handy so that you can soak up the spills immediately. If left uncleaned, milk may rot and start smelling badly. It may also cause staining. If required, clean up the area with a few drops of water. Do not use hair dryer or any other heat source; let it dry naturally. If it still smells, get your car cleaned professionally by a Perth car detailing agency like Ants Auto Detailing.
  • If you car is unbreathable even after the cleaning its interior thoroughly, you should get it steam cleaned. Most of the times the odour remains trapped inside the fabric. Steam will help kill the bacteria and remove the foul smell with much ease. Never do it yourself. Always, seek professional help. They are experienced professionals and are well aware of the techniques that will safely remove the odour, clean your vehicle, and sanitize it. We highly recommend you to get your vehicle steam cleaned at least once in every six months.

We hope this information helps you keep car smelling fresh for a long time. To get your vehicle professionally cleaned, contact us at 0417920546.