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July 11, 2016
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Do’s and Don’ts of Car Cleaning in Perth

While it may not look like it but taking care of a car’s paintwork is actually an art in itself which is hugely responsible for dictating the resale value of the car. If you do regularly car cleaning Perth and maintain it rust-free from boot to bonnet, you will get a considerable resale value in the future.

Cars are a significant investment for most people and whether you want to protect it or take better care of your vehicle, here’s a list of certain do’s and Don’ts.

Don’t Wait Until the Car Is Baked In Muck

Waiting until the weekend while your car is completely filthy will definitely save you time, but it won’t do your paint any good. Even the slightest coating of dirt can lead to premature abrasion and wear. Even if your car looks clean doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wash it regularly.

Do Shampoo it Every Fortnight

To ensure that the paintwork remains in peak condition, make sure you wash your car every fortnight. This will help prevent the onset of rust and unwanted abrasion Some people have the assumption that using shampoo on their car this often will remove the protective coating, but it isn’t really the case unless of course, you use the wrong kind of products.

Don’t Use Standard Household Cleaners

Your washing detergent will remove any grime or grease from your utensils, but it’ll do much more for your car –like strip off its paintwork. You need to understand that household cleaners aren’t suitable at all for your car. These cleaners are so strong that more often than not they can strip off the protective wax from the car.

Do Invest In Quality Cleaning Products

When it comes to car interior cleaning Perth, its best to leave you household cleaners under your sink and buy a good quality car shampoo instead. See to it that the shampoo you are getting isn’t too high on chemicals. They should not only be able to remove stubborn dirt but also provide shine and protection.

Do Rinse Your Sponge Before Cleaning

Make sure that you rinse your sponge regularly before cleaning your car in a separate bucket. The dirt particles on the sponge can cause much damage to the paint which is why you should clean the sponge or cloth properly.

Do Hire Experts for Detailing

For the best results, always hire professional car detailing experts Perth. They have the right equipment and expertise in order to clean your car in the best possible manner.