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September 16, 2016
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December 15, 2016
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Before You Go To Auto Detailers in Perth, Know These Things

These days, it’s become a sort of a norm for most families to own a car. But buying a car is a daunting in itself. First, one needs to decide whether they want a new car or an old one. But whatever car you buy, proper maintenance and care is necessary for peak performance and reliability. Given that the car is a utility, proper care must be taken to ensure that there are no breakdowns at any time.
Sure the aesthetic side of the car should be taken care of, but periodic maintenance of chassis, engine, turbocharger and other technical aspects are also necessary. Cars are a work of art, and over time, it will be subjected to wear and tear. After extensive use, the initial lustre may be lost, dents and scratches might occur. Furthermore, if you plan to sell you car in the future and convince potential buyers that the car is in condition and their investment will be value for money, going to auto detailers Perth is hugely important.

What is auto detailing?
Auto detailing is a process where the automobile is thoroughly cleaned, polished and waxed both on the inside and outside to produce a quality level of detail. This process, besides improving the aesthetic appeal of the car also increases the resale value of the car.

Predominantly car detailing can be categorised into three aspects:-

Interior detailing: It involves the cleaning of dashboard areas, trunk, passenger compartments, windows, panels and carpets. The first and foremost step includes vacuuming which might be followed by steam cleaning. To remove the stains, you can always brush them and use liquid cleaners.

Exterior cleaning: It involves the cleaning and shining of all visible exteriors of the car which includes paint, wheels and other components. The three steps involved in exterior cleaning are – polishing cleaning and protection. The cleaning usually involves removing all foreign matter from the surface. Through polishing, specific machines are used to remove all imperfections including scratches from the surface. This is usually done by removing a micrometre of paint from the surface. The protection or waxing part usually involves the application of wax on the surface of the car so that foreign matters don’t adhere to it.

Under the hood cleaning: This is where all purpose cleaners, steam, high pressure and degreasers are used to clean under the hood of a car.


Sure there are several car detailers around that you will come across but it in no way means that every one of them will provide quality services. Precisely for this reason, hiring only experts for car detailing Perth is imperative if you want to ensure that your car is in good hands.


There have been many instances where car owners have entrusted detailers with their car only to find out even more damages to their vehicle due to the relative inexperience of the detailer. You don’t want to fall prey to that which is precisely why doing extensive research before selecting auto detailers Perth is so important.