Car cleaning: Helpful do’s and don’ts suggested by popular car cleaning Perth companies
July 11, 2016
Auto Detailing Perth experts debunk some car cleaning myths
July 11, 2016
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Leading car detailing Perth company shares some useful tips to protect the paint of your car

A new car that is just out of showroom looks glossy and attractive. Its shiny body will certainly mesmerize the owner as well as the onlookers. The sleek look of your prized possession is highly contributed by its body paint. Regular washing and cleaning is very much required to retain its shiny look but with time, the paint finish will get affected, no matter how much your care for it. Ants Auto Detailing, one of the most experienced car detailing Perth agencies, strongly recommends that you must get your vehicle detailed by pros in order to make it shining like new for a long time. Other than getting it detailed, you should follow the below mentioned advice to get the best results.

Keep your car’s body as clean as possible

One of the best things that you can do to keep your car looking like new is to keep it as clean as possible. Wind, dirt, dust, rainfall, sand, and other abrasive particles are some of the biggest enemies of your car’s paint. They can leave serious scratches that even expert car detailing Perth agencies like us would not be able to remove. Getting your vehicle repainted can incur a significant expenditure and therefore, keeping it clean is imperative for every vehicle owner.

Be aware of birds and bats. They can damage your vehicle’s paint badly. Their droppings are very acidic and if left on your car’s body for a long time, they can eat away the wax and even the paint. Never park your car under trees. Prefer parking in a closed space. Also, keep a bottle of water and a clean cloth in your car so that you can clean off the droppings as soon as you notice them.

Avoid parking your car under direct sunlight for a long time

Sunlight will heat up your car’s body and cause it to expand slightly. The paint will also expand and then when cooled it will contact. This expansion and contraction causes cracking. The paint will get cracked and will not look as smooth as it used to look when the car was new. Further, the cracks will allow water and dust to seep in and rust the body. Never park your car under direct sunlight throughout the day. Instead, choose a closed parking lot.

Wax your car at regular intervals

Applying a layer of protective wax is a great way to protect the paint underneath. Many car detailing Perth companies like us offer waxing services. If you prefer washing your car yourself, you may apply wax on its body yourself. Make sure you choose a good quality wax. You may also use a protective sealant along with wax. We at Ants Auto detailing suggest you to get your car professionally waxed at least once a month. It may seem like a major expenditure to you but if you love your car and want it look young and sparkling forever, this process is imperative for you.

Wash your car carefully

You will be shocked to know that the most common reason why your car starts looking dull sooner than it should, is improper washing. You may be cleaning your car everyday but if you are not cleaning it the right way, it is useless. Read our blog ‘DIY detailing mistakes and why you must take your car to an expert Perth car detailing company’ to know more about how you must clean your car. We suggest you to get your vehicle professionally cleaned by car detailing Perth agencies like us.

These tips will help you keep your car looking like a dream vehicle for years. For more such useful information, read our other helpful articles available on this website. To get your car professionally cleaned and detailed, get in touch with us at 0417 920 546.