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July 10, 2016
Leading car detailing Perth company shares some useful tips to protect the paint of your car
July 11, 2016
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Car cleaning: Helpful do’s and don’ts suggested by popular car cleaning Perth companies

Who doesn’t love to drive a clean, shiny, and nice looking vehicle? But unfortunately, most people don’t get time to clean their car every day. In fact, car cleaning has become a popular weekend project for most vehicle owners. Most people prefer washing their vehicles themselves. We at Ant’s Auto Detailing feel that this is a good way to appreciate your car for the marvelous job it does for you. Apart from cleaning it yourself, you must also occasionally get it detailed by a professional car cleaning Perth agency like us.

Washing is one of the best ways to retain your car’s new look but if you do it carelessly, you could damage your car’s paint. Here are some popular dos and don’ts that most car cleaning Perth companies suggest you to follow in order to retain your car’s shiny look for years.

  • Do not let dead bugs, bird droppings, tree saps, etc. accumulate on your car. All of them leach acids that can eat away the protective wax and eventually damage the paint. If you ignore them for long, the paint may suffer severe damage and you may have to get the damaged area sanded and repainted. Wash them off as soon as you notice them. If you cannot wash them, wipe them off with a clean, wet cloth.
  • Do not use just anything to clean the car. We at Ants Auto Detailing, an expert car cleaning Perth agency, are constantly educating people about the effects of household cleaning products on the vehicles. We strongly recommend that you must not use dishwashing solution, glass cleaner, all purpose cleaner, hand soap, detergent, etc. to clean your car. They are too harsh and if used, they may strip off the protective wax and even damage the paint. Always use a car-washing solution.
  • Don’t wash the car when it is hot, especially after driving it. Also, never wash a car that has been parked directly under the sunlight for some time. This is because, the hot body of the car will make the water evaporate speedily, thereby leaving deposits of salt and cleaning agents. These deposits will be difficult to clean later.
  • Don’t move your hands in a circular motion while cleaning the car. This is one of the biggest car cleaning mistakes that people make. Moving the sponge in circular motion can scratch the body and may create noticeable swirl marks. Move the sponge along the length.
  • Do rinse the sponge thoroughly every time it drops on the ground. A wet sponge can pick up dirt very quickly and if not cleaned, it will create scratches.
  • Do not let the car dry naturally after the wash. We at Ants Auto Detailing, a highly experienced car cleaning Perth agency have noticed that many people drive their car for a few kilometres to let it dry quickly. This will however, make your vehicle look dull. When left to dry naturally, the water will leave marks and mineral deposits after evaporation. The best way to dry your car is to use a soft squeegee, followed by round of thorough drying using soft terry towels.
  • Do not use too much of car cleaning product to make a strong solution. Instead use just a small amount of agent with the recommended quantity of water and work more to create thick lather with a lot of suds. The suds will provide sufficient lubrication and will minimize the scratches.

Car cleaning is an art and not everyone can do it properly. To know more about how to keep your car looking like new for years, keep reading this space. For getting your car professionally cleaned at your doorsteps, call us at 0417 920 546.