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July 11, 2016
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Auto Detailing Perth experts debunk some car cleaning myths

Car cleaning doesn’t seem to be a major task to many but people who love their vehicle crazily know that a clean and detailed car is what they deserve. Your regular washing therapy does work but if you truly want your vehicle to look and feel like new for years, you have to get it detailed by professional Auto Detailing Perth agencies like us. We do much more than cleaning the body and seats. We take out every bit of dust and dirt that is there in the hard to reach areas. However, many people do not realize that detailing is very important to retain the look and efficiency of their vehicle. Many others believe in too many auto detailing myths and commit mistakes that damage their vehicle’s exterior and interior. We at Ants Auto Detailing, a renowned auto detailing Perth thought of educating you about these myths so that you can make your vehicle look like new forever.

Myth 1: Washing the engine can damage it

This is one of the biggest myths that prevent people from taking their vehicle to an Auto Detailing Perth agency for a thorough detailing. The truth is that engines are sealed from water and moisture and this is the reason why your car doesn’t get damaged when you run it in rain. Engines can withstand a good amount of water. Problem will only occur if you direct the high pressure water at the air intake housing. Most experienced detailing agencies are well aware of this and will be careful while cleaning your car. If the distributor cap gets wet, your engine may not start for some time but after the cap has dried, your vehicle will function properly.

If you have believed in these myths and haven’t ever thought of taking your vehicle to an auto detailing Perth agency like us, it’s high time you must do that. A clean and detailed engine will be much more efficient than an uncleaned one.

Myth 2: Using extra coating of wax will make your car shine more

This is another biggest myth associated with car detailing. We have met a lot of people who ask us to apply lots of coats of wax but do you think it will really work? When you are buffing off the coating, you are actually removing the excess wax. Then why reapply more? Extra wax coating will do no good; instead, it will make your car’s body look dull.

Myth 3: Using Teflon will keep your paint safe

Well, it’s debatable. Expert and experienced auto detailing Perth agencies like us have found that this chemical does no good to your paint. Many studies have also proved this and many others are in progress. Teflon, the non-stick chemical, might seem like a magical thing to keep your car’s paint safe but we don’t think it will help you for long.

Myth 4: You can detail your car yourself

Sure, why not but cleaning those hard to reach areas requires a professional approach. Are you sure you can detail your car like an expert auto detailing Perth agency like us? Do you have the right products and equipments to clean your vehicle and still keep the paint safe? Can you clean the engine thoroughly without harming it in any way? Why take chance, why not give us a call and get your vehicle cleaned and detailed at your convenience.

We hope these myths help you. To know more about our services, get in touch with us at 0417 920 546.