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July 10, 2016
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July 10, 2016
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Keep your car shining and bright with Car detailing in Perth

For all those who own a car and love their car know that right from maintaining the car to cleaning, it is not as easy task.  However hard you try, the exterior of the car does show signs of wear and tear and does not look the same as the day you brought it home from the showroom. This happens because the exterior is coated with a paint that reacts to the various things it gets exposed to like the cold and humidity. In order to maintain your vehicle and keep it looking like new, it is important to follow the car detailing strategies carefully.  Detailing of your car basically involves a thorough cleaning of the cars exterior. Car Detailing involves a total cleaning up of the exterior right from the waxing to the removal of dirt and gravel stuck on the tyres and rim of the car. This will bring back the former gloss and shine and make your car look brand new again.

Car Detailing experts in Perth, make use of different techniques to restore the look of your car. They use various detergents, degreasers and state of the art machinery to clean out your car. Various car detailing companies use detail clays and polishes to keep your vehicle looking new.

The three basic steps involved in car detailing in Perth are as listed below:

Through Cleaning

The first step to car detailing involves a thorough cleaning of the tyres and rims and removing the dirt, grime and foreign particles lodged in them. Car Detailing companies in Perth use detergents, acid, water and detail clays to get rid of the dirt. Clay is used to remove deeply embedded dirt like tar, insects and sap.  This is done with utmost care so that the exterior surface of the car does not get damaged.


Once the car has been rid of the dirt and grime, it is time to focus on the paint and its wear and tear. The experts from your chosen car detailing company in Perth will now remove the imperfections in your cars paint by using machines to polish the exterior. The spinning action of the polishing pads of these machines will correct the shade of you cars paint  and make it look like it did the day you first got it home from the showroom.

Protection for the exterior

After the cleaning and polishing of your car, it is necessary to apply a protective wax to the exterior of the car. This wax apart from protecting the surface from the negative effects of the climate and other contaminants also helps maintain the color and shine of the paint. It is always better to use a liquid wax in case your car has scratches and marks on it. This liquid wax will help work as a sealant and stop dust particles from getting imbibed into the scratches, wheels and windows.

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