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October 15, 2016
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4 Easy Steps to Leather Car Interior Cleaning in Perth

Car interior cleaning Perth

Owning a car happens to be a dream come true for many. But taking proper care of it is also an imperative. This is something that you just cannot ignore. It is, for this reason, an attempt is being here to make you aware of the proper way of taking care of your leather car interiors. The experts of car interior cleaning in Perth suggest that cleaning your car interiors properly can make it last for years. In case you have pets you can go for pet pads. Pet seat covers are also a good idea. Apart from that, quality reflective sun shields also play a vital role in protecting the leather interior of your four-wheeler.

Car interior cleaning Perth

Thousands and thousands of intertwined fibres make up the leather, and it also consists of penetrable pores throughout just like that of skin. The first step of taking care of leather is to clean these fibres. This helps to do away with the pore-clogging dirt and dust and the fibre-severing abrasives both of which will break down the leather over time. The appearance and the texture of the leather also get hampered because of this.

The leather is quite tough and abuse-resistant. However, you have to decide the type of leather in your car first in order to determine the right kind of cleaner and conditioner for it. This way you can take the best care of your vehicle interiors. Below is enlisted a step-by-step approach for cleaning and condition your car interior.

• Step 1 – Determining the Type of Leather – The first and the foremost step is to determine the type of leather that is there in your vehicle. Traditional leathers are usually 100% leather whereas some of the modern ones are coated with vinyl. An excellent way to detect the type as suggested by the experts of car detailing in Perth is to use a small amount of cool, clean water. The modern leather will repel this water while the traditional ones will absorb it completely. A small amount will not make any harm to your car.

• Step 2 – Determining the Kind of Cleaners to be Used – Saddle soap can be good for your gloves or boots, but these are not at all suitable for automotive leather. The alkali content in this soap is capable of doing permanent damage to the leather. Household detergents are equally harmful to this texture. Always use the kind of detergent that is specifically advised for the leather interiors of your car.

• Step 3 -Removing the Dirt – This is the third and one of the most important steps. You should always use a soft, clean cloth to prevent damage. The rigid dirt that is stuck in the crevices calls for the usage of upholstery brushes. The gunk and grime should be removed before conditioning of the leather. This is because otherwise, you will permanently push the filth into the pores.

• Step 4 -Conditioning the Leather – This is arguably even more important than the previous step. The individual fibres are lubricated by nourishing and moisturising the leather. One of the most common features of a good lubricant is to offer UV protection. Just like the human skin, UV rays cause a considerable deterioration to the leather and also shorten its lifestyle significantly. A great conditioner will be absorbed by the leather and will not leave a lot of residues behind. The surface should not be oily after conditioning the leather. The best conditioners have stain repellents, are ph balanced as well as have waterproofing agents in order to prevent accidents.

Just follow the above steps and see the leather interior of your car last for years together. Just be careful of not carrying any sharp objects at the time of cleaning your car interiors as they may accidentally cause unnecessary wear and tear.